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You can print the entire book or any section of the book including the citizen actions.  You can print lists of the citizen actions or lists of the citizen actions along with the action text.

All the material is in PDF format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  Most computers already have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  However if yours doesn't, click here to download it for free - Get Acrobat Reader


            SECTION TO PRINT                        ESTIMATED PAGES

Entire Book - including citizen actions                        168 
All Chapters - except citizen actions                           64
Cover                                                                           1
Table of Contents                                                         1

i - Dedication                                                               3
ii - Preface                                                                  6   
1 - Overwhelming Issues                                              19
2 - The Core Problem                                                  14
3 - The Impact of Not Caring                                      14
4 - Why We Don't Get Involved                                    3
5 - What Each of Us Can Do                                          3

6 - 100 Citizen Actions                                                 1
    Actions that remind us of our heritage 
        List of actions                                                      3
        List plus text of actions                                      22

    Actions that keep us involved in the democratic process
        List of actions                                                      1
        List plus text of actions                                      20

    Actions that support individuals with a responsibility to keep the country strong
        List of actions                                                      2
      List plus text of  actions                                     13            

    Actions that keep individuals and families strong
    List of actions                                                      2
      List plus text of actions                                      16 

    Actions that foster a sense of community 
        List of actions                                                      2
        List plus text of actions                                      24

    Actions that help us understand the working of our government
      List of actions                                                      1
        List plus text of actions                                         9