How to prevent catastrophic terrorist acts in an era where acquisition of destructive and lethal weapons and biological and chemical agents is getting easier and easier.
September 11, 2001 should have taught us a lot about how vulnerable we are to terrorism.  We need to ensure that we have laws and appropriate penalties that cover the types of activities that facilitate terrorism.  For instance, currently it is only a misdemeanor to create fake identification and papers.  And as has been widely documented, our monitoring of individuals who are in the country on visas is virtually nonexistent.

How to create a military capability that can protect the U.S. and which can attract and maintain top-notch individuals.

How to curb the theft of American Technology.
The Department of Defense continues to be heavily criticized for being too lenient in its issuance of security clearances.   A report revealed that clearances were regularly given to employees of defense contractors with long histories of financial problems, drug use, alcoholism, sexual misconduct or criminal activity. 


When should the United States get involved in international crises?


How to ensure our national secrets are kept safe.

How to become less dependent upon foreign sources of oil