How to deal with a litigious society that has created a liability insurance crisis and led to law suits as a way to make money and to set policy.
Frivolous lawsuits, unjustified and outrageous jury awards and the threat of litigation are destroying the integrity of our democracy and are an affront to the best in all of us.  Frivolous lawsuits waste our energies that could be spent on matters of importance.  The punitive damages juries award take the heart and fairness out of our legal system.  The threat of litigation is edging us closer to extortion every day.  Here is a snippet from an article called Suing Like Crazy in the January 2000 Reader's Digest.

How to reduce the violence and resulting  crime, particularly gun-involved crime.
It's interesting what we as a nation "accept".  In the U.S., someone is rapped every 21 seconds; there is
an assault every 6 minutes (isn't a rape an assault?); someone is robbed every 38 seconds; and a murder takes place every 25 minutes!


How to deal with an overburdened legal system that promotes plea-bargaining and makes a mockery of the notion of constitutionally-required speedy trials.

How do we improve the jury system so that juries are more representative of the general population.

How to balance the value of new technologies with our right to personal privacy.


How to reduce the amount of insurance fraud.
Auto Insurance Fraud
The California Department of Insurance estimates that fraud add $330 to $400 a year to each auto insurance policy.  These frauds included the "hard" frauds where professionals scheme to cause an accident or fake an injury where innocent motorists are the victims,  and the "soft" frauds where ordinary policyholders exaggerate legitimate claims, have cars intentionally "stolen" and misrepresent information on their policies.

Homeowners/Condo Insurance Fraud

Medical Insurance Fraud


What types of weapons should citizens be allowed to own/carry.