E d w i n    N i c o l a i d e s    H o m e r

Nick is the Executive Director of Good Citizen. 

He lives in southern California. He has two daughters Emily and Rachel and is married to Debra Balousek.

He was born in Valdosta, Georgia and grew up in Wilton, Connecticut. He graduated from Duke University and has a graduate degree in Computer & Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has been a management consultant his entire career - first with Arthur Andersen, then as a partner with Price Waterhouse (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) and since 1990 as co-founder of The Information Technology Group, a "Big 4 alternative" information technology consulting firm.

Outside of work, he has owned an avocado grove in north San Diego County, California, was a nationally ranked pole vaulter, and in 1987 finished the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii.

This is his first literary effort.